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Just Like Elijah

Yesterday during the worship service we began a new sermon series on the life of Elijah. James said Elijah was a person just like us. Though that seems difficult to believe, it’s important for us to remember that Elijah was called and equipped by the same God we serve. In the same way that God gave Elijah everything he needed to respond to the time and the place he was called to serve, that God will equip us with “everything we need for a godly life” (2 Peter 1:3, NIV 2011). I’m really excited to see what we can learn in the weeks to come about being a godly person as we look to Elijah’s life for an example. I hope you are, too!

One very practical way we can put the message of Elijah’s life into practice is to remain faithful in prayer. There are many on our prayer list right now, and I know many of you take the time to pray for each one. Let’s continue to grow in this practice. Let’s also be praying for one another and for our congregation on a regular basis. This Thursday is the National Day of Prayer. For the first time, this year, people from the various area churches will be meeting at noon on May 4th at the flagpole near the bandstand in order to pray for our community and our nation. If you can, be sure to be present for this important event.

We had a great time of fellowship after the service at the last Sunday potluck! Thanks for everyone who stayed and to all of those who served. These fellowship times are so important in order to have opportunity to get to know one another better and to grow together in Christian love.

Thanks also to all of those who participated in the Grandparents day for God’s Little Acre Preschool breakfast last Friday. Thanks also to those who have been taking the time to notice the things around the church building that need to be done, and have taken care of them. You are very appreciated!

God bless, Brian

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