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Total Eclipse

Today is an interesting day because of the solar eclipse that will be visible throughout the entire lower 48 states. The total eclipse will be visible not too far away from us in Southern Illinois. It’s estimated that 100s of thousands of people will be traveling to get to a place where they can view the total eclipse. This event reminds me of the intricacy with which the universe in which we live was created. It’s remarkable that our moon is precisely the correct size, so that at the ratio of distance it is compared to our distance to the sun, the total eclipse occurs. For me this is a remind of the way that God has created this wonderful world in which we live.

It reminds me of the way that David begins what we call Psalm 19: “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands” (NIV 2011). The beauty of our creation gives us a glimpse of the even greater beauty and goodness of our Creator.

The Danvers Days worship service was well-attended. It was a beautiful day to join with our fellow congregations. A special thanks to Martha Reel and Jan Hinrichsen for providing our music. They did a beautiful job, and I heard many compliments of their playing.

Thanks also to all who helped with the youth group fund-raiser. It was a good success. Special thanks to the Whittenbargers, as well as the Joe and Emma Brandt for their hard work.

Remember that the next two Sundays we will continue to have worship service at 9am. September 10th will be our Sunday School kickoff when we will return to our normal schedule. We have made flyers to help you invite others to attend Sunday School and worship this Fall. We’d love to see a big turn out on kickoff Sunday, and also each Sunday throughout our Fall.

Hope to see you Sunday.

God bless,


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