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Getting Involved

We are always encouraging everyone to be involved at NDMC. We are at our best when we are all using our God-given abilities to work together to accomplish projects to help and reach out to others. There are lots of opportunities coming up to get involved. Try to find someplace where you can help out.

The 60th Anniversary Illinois Mennonite Relief Sale is coming up quickly. There are several ways to be involved. Some people from our congregation will be baking pfefferneusen this week. Check in with Imogene Miller if you’d like to help. Pies will be baked at the church on March 15th. Check out the sign-up sheets on the table in the Fellowship Hall.

There are also lots of volunteer opportunities at the Illinois Mennonite Relief Sale itself. You’re encouraged to sign-up on line at the website: The sign-up link is on the right-hand side. The AWW youth group will be working at the breakfast on March 17th during 8:30-10:30am shift. They are encouraging others to help out during this time frame, because of the heavy volume of people coming in at that time. If you want to help out then, sign-up or contact Emma Brandt.

I want to remind you of the upcoming Mental Health First Aid Class that will be held at NDMC on April 28th. This is an important training so I hope that we will have some people from our congregation who are able to attend. Also I hope you will spread the word to others in the community who may be interested in this training. You can register by calling the church office, or emailing:

Finally, I want to say thank you on behalf of both Josanne and myself for the unanimous vote on our recall. We are humbled by this and by the affirming words many of you have shared. We are blessed to be a part of this community and we believe God is at work in many ways at NDMC.

God bless,


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