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Summer 2018

Did you know that summer officially begins this coming Thursday? It certainly already feels like summer. We are also seeing lots of people taking their summer vacation. We’ve already started our summer schedule at NDMC with worship service at 9am. School has been out for a few weeks now. Even though the meteorologist will say summer begins on Thursday, it sure feels like it’s already here.

The youth group is leaving on their mission trip this morning. Make sure to be in prayer for them. I hope we pray not only for safety, but for the way such a trip can have a profound impact on their lives and can cause their faith to grow. I pray that they will be instilled with an even greater desire to follow Jesus closely. Also remember VBS is coming up next week. There are still some needs for donations for snacks.

I want to say a big thank you to the group who came out last Saturday to work on the landscaping at the church building. It was a very hot morning, but there were several who did their part and made quick work of the cleanup and the mulching. There are even some new bushes that have been planted in front of the building. Thank you for coming out and pitching in! It is really only through many people willing to do their part that makes it possible for a church to function well and further to thrive.

This week Darvin Miller and I will be traveling to Goshen, Indiana for the Central District Conference Annual Meeting. Pray for us as we represent our congregation, and also help us to listen careful to what takes place so that we may be able to communicate it well to all of you when we return.

This has been a pretty chatty e-gram but let me leave you with one quick thought. Placing our trust in God will naturally stretch us beyond what is easy or even comfortable—otherwise it isn’t faith at all. Paul writes in 2 Corinthians 5:7, “For we live by faith, not by sight” (NIV 2011).

I love you all.

God bless,


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