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Working Together

Yesterday during the worship service we continued our series in 1 Peter. Peter was clear about the need Christians have for one another if we are going to accomplish the purpose that God has put before us. Let me give you to clear examples of this from our own congregation.

In his position at Heartland Community College, Jim Hubbard was contacted by a lady whose grandson is in a wheelchair. He did not have an easy way to get from the chair lift in his house to the sidewalk where he caught the bus. His grandmother asked if there would be anyone to help. There was no way to get it done through HCC, but Jim said he knew some other people who could help. So some people from North Danvers Mennonite Church all worked over the past two weekends to install a new sidewalk so this young man can get to his bus stop. I’ve included a couple of images here of the workers. Thanks so much to Jim for coordinating this, and to Mark Risser, Steve Dennis, Eric Sloneker, and Jim McGowan for their work. Fred Miller loaned this group his tools to accomplish this work, and Carl Grieder brought along donuts and provided important encouragement. Additionally, others have given funds to pay for the concrete and other supplies. This is an example about how our congregation can make a difference in the lives of others in the community when we work together.

As a side note, do you remember how a few weeks back I challenged you to find some way to express Christ’s love and to do it in 48 hours? Jim Hubbard says that was what gave him the impetus to undertake this project. Let me ask you, are there other things like this that we could do in our communities that would have a similar positive impact on the lives of others? If so, let’s hear about it!

The ice cream social at the band concert is an event we do every year, but it can only be accomplished through the work of many. Thanks to those who coordinated, to those who baked, to those who loaded and unloaded the equipment, and to those who served on the hot night last night. Again, this is not something that any of us could do on their own, but all of us working together makes it possible.

A reminder that Josanne and I will be on vacation for the next few weeks. In case of an emergency or other pressing need, you can contact Steve Eickhorst. Bill Troyer has also graciously agreed to make himself available in our absence.

We’ll miss you all the next few weeks, but there are going to be some great things you’ll want to hear from our guest speakers.

God bless, Brian

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