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Sabbatical Plans

I mentioned yesterday at the end of the service that we have arranged for me to take two months of sabbatical during July and August. Paul Walles and two of the ministers from the Morton Methodist Church will be filling then pulpit and will also be available for pastoral concerns that may arise.


Let me say a few words to explain the sabbatical policy that was a part of my letter of understanding when I was hired and to explain the purpose of a sabbatical. First, North Danvers followed the Mennonite Church USA recommendations when I was hired in terms of the compensation package. A part of that is that a minister gains one month of sabbatical per year that they serve at a congregation. Those sabbatical months cannot be used until the fourth year of service and no more than four months can be accrued. So I was hired on August 1st 2015 which means after August 1st of 2019 I had the maximum of four months of sabbatical. Both Josanne and I lost a parent in 2019 and 2020 was a difficult year in a number of ways. You might remember that Josanne moved to stay with her father late in 2019. So in October and November of 2020, I used two months of the four months of sabbatical that were available to me. By August of 2023, I was now back up to the maximum of four months and the Church Board members encouraged me to try to plan another sabbatical. We have been able to arrange for me to take July and August of 2024.


A sabbatical allows a time away from my day-to-day ministry responsibilities to reflect and to spend more time in study and planning for the future. Josanne and I plan to spend some time at her family home in Eastern Kentucky which will be a time of retreat and renewal for us. In August, I plan to spend some time visiting some of my former students and colleagues in their ministry context. It’s very hard for us to find time to do this and I think it will be encouraging to me to see some of those whom I have poured into in the past doing ministry in their communities. Please let me know if you have any other questions about our plans.


Yesterday was a good day to remember and celebrate our graduates. Thanks to all of those who helped plan for the cake and punch reception after our worship service.


Remember that next Sunday will be our end-of-the-month potluck!


There’s one more sermon in our series on the life of Abraham. It is titled, “The Road Goes on Forever.”


God bless, Brian

Scripture readings for next Sunday


Genesis 23—What do you think is significant about Abraham purchasing this burial site?

Hebrews 11:8-16—How does this part of Abraham’s life relate to our stories?

Genesis 25:19-26—How does Isaac and Rebekah’s story carry on Abraham’s story?

Acts 3:11-26—In what way are followers of Christ “heirs of the covenant”?



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