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The Reason for Worship

The Reason for Worship

At the end of the service yesterday, I mentioned how encouraging it is to meet together for worship. There’s a way it can help us to recalibrate our focus upon God rather than ourselves, if we allow it to. Thanks to the many who said that they leave worship encouraged as well. It’s an important part of our reason for worshipping together.

Next week, when we look at Ezra 4, we’ll see that God’s people do face discouragement sometimes. That there are difficult situations which arise, but God gives us everything that we need make it through those times. I hope you’ll join us and maybe invite a friend to come along.

Just a reminder that we will not be having Friday coffee this week because of the GLAPS Grandparents’ Breakfast.

God bless,


Scripture readings for next Sunday Ezra 4—What are some things that can discourage us from continuing to work for God?

Romans 8:31-39—What does Paul say to encourage us in this passage?

Psalm 27—What does this psalm say about encouragement?

2 Corinthians 4:13-18—What does this teach is the basis for our encouragement?


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