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The Year Past

In one sense, the past year seems like a blur and I can’t even believe that I’m in the office this morning working on a sermon that will be delivered in 2021. In another way, the past year seems to have dragged out for a long, long time. Do you feel that way, too, or is it just me?

As I sit here in the week between last year and next, I’m thinking about the lessons I have learned from the past year. Even when we encounter difficult or unexpected circumstances, there are lessons to be learned. I also am looking ahead. I’ve said before, I also try to maintain a hopeful attitude, but I have to admit that this year my hope is somewhat muted by the uncertainty we all still face. This is when I ask to be led “to the Rock that is higher than I.” Listen to the way that David begins Psalm 61:

Hear my cry, O God;

listen to my prayer. From the ends of the earth I call to you, I call as my heart grows faint;

lead me to the rock that is higher than I.

For you have been my refuge,

a strong tower against the foe. (Psalm 61:1-3, NIV)

Thanks be to God that our hope is not dependent upon circumstances, or upon our own strength to get through difficulties. Our hope is firm when we trust in the Lord to be our refuge no matter what.

This Sunday will begin a series from the Gospel of John. I’ll be focusing on what John tells us it means to be a True Disciple of Jesus.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you!

God bless, Brian

Scriptures for this week:

John 1:29-51—Why were Andrew and Philip so intent on telling others who Jesus was? Psalm 40—What does David say that he will “proclaim” here? Isaiah 66:18-24—How does God say his message will be spread among the nations? Romans 10:14-21—How would you describe the point that Paul is making here?


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