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E-gram May 11, 2015

With the dedication of my daughter on Mothers Day at our church in Wisconsin, I'm a little sentimental. What an honor it is to come before the Lord and have a whole family and church family make a commitment to raise a child to love and serve the Lord!

Due to this occasion, I also have questions swirling around in my mind... What does it mean to be dedicated to the Lord? What does that look like? Am I living it out? If so, how does my life reflect that I'm dedicated to the Lord. Am I contributing to the grow of others spiritually, especially those whom I made a commitment to help raise in the faith?

I think these are good questions to ask ourselves every once and a while as a "self check-up."I encourage you to ask yourselves these questions this week. May your answers to these questions match your desires. If not, may we work to have these aligned.

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