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Be Grateful...

Yesterday we talked about living with joy. To live with joy and find purpose with true significance in our lives, it requires that we seek to do God’s work, even as he gives us power and strength. I want to challenge you in three ways this week.

First, will you look for opportunities to speak life into those around you. It may be an encouraging word to someone who is hurting, or having a difficult time. It may be taking time to notice something that someone has done especially well. It could also be sharing the good news of what God has done in Christ Jesus to someone who needs to hear it. Let’s try to speak encouragingly. There’s enough of the other kind of speech around us.

Secondly, take time to focus on your blessings. Living in joy requires being grateful for what we do have, rather than grumbling about what we do not. I know that some of you are going through difficult times, but there are blessings even in the midst of the pain and hardship.

Thirdly, I talked about how important it is for us to know the Word of life. I challenge you to be sure to spend some quality time in God’s Word this week. It may be reading the passages in preparation for Sunday’s sermon. It may be doing the daily devotional that we have made available. Spend some time this week really reading, and learning God’s word.

In conclusion, let me add one reminder related to this last point. Sunday School begins September 13th! This is a great opportunity for young people and adults alike to spend time getting to know God’s word. We do lots of things to provide our children a good education, and to help them develop discipline to that they will become wonderful, successful, happy people. It is crucial that we don’t fail to include their Biblical education and Christian spiritual development in this. It can literally have an eternal impact!

God bless,


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