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The Church responds...

Between the health concerns of various members over the past week, and the passing of Lorie Vincent from this life, it has been a difficult week for NDMC. It was encouraging for me to see the way that the members have responded. I saw prayers for the sick and the grieving being offered. I saw many who went out of their way to find ways to serve. I saw people taking initiative to selflessly care for the needs of others. This is what it really means to be the Church. It is through building our shared faith in Jesus Christ, growing our trust God’s rich provision, and learning to serve through the strength and gifting of the Holy Spirit that will allow us to continue to step up and meet the needs of our own members, as well as the needs of those who are hurting around us. Let’s keep it up Church!

Please pay especial attention to the announcements in this E-Gram regarding the changes for next week. Also, spread the word to any who might not receive the word in this way.

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