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Looking Back, Looking Ahead

Yesterday began a new Sunday morning series on the Life of Jesus called “Questioning Jesus.” The premise of the series is that the questions which Jesus asked cause us to reevaluate our relationship with him and to question our assumptions about what is important. Next week we’ll be looking at the three times Jesus asked the question “What credit is it to you?” in Luke 6:27-36. There’s going to be a challenge attached to this sermon that will call us to take some concrete action. It’s not a Sunday I think you are going to want to miss.

Next Sunday is also the churches Annual Meeting. While I can’t reflect back upon the whole year here at North Danvers Mennonite Church, I can see a significant amount of ministry which has taken place in the past year. It’s been a year of transitions, but doesn’t every year contain some transition? What is most encouraging is to see the way that you all are willing to use the gifts God has given you to build up the church here. God has blessed each of us in various ways. Josanne and I are blessed to be here to serve alongside of you all.

Remember to be praying daily for your church family. Pray specifically that our eyes would be opened to what God is leading us to do. Remember that God’s already at work and on the move in our community—we simply want to be aware of what he is doing! I wonder what the year ahead has for us as a community?

God bless, Brian


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