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Be Yeast

It was truly good to be with our brothers and sisters at North Danvers yesterday. I often come away from Sunday School, the worship time, and our fellowship time together encouraged and energized. I believe that we need that time together to be built up so that we can live out our mission as followers of Jesus every day.

In the sermon yesterday I mentioned that the parable of the yeast in Luke 13 teaches us that the Kingdom of God should fill every part of our lives, and Russ Middleton did a great job in the children’s story talking about the way that we carry the Kingdom of God with us wherever we go. The Kingdom of God is truly without limits.

I also encouraged us to share just a part of the Kingdom of God by simply inviting someone to come with you to church. I set out a particular challenge for those who will be here on Easter Sunday to bring a friend with them, but of course we can invite someone to come with us any day. If we love our church family, and we enjoy being together, isn’t that something we’d want to share with our friends as well? Let’s get out there and be a little yeasty!

Some of you mentioned the statistics I quoted in my sermon yesterday from Thom Rainer. There is a useful site which has gathered some of the statistics from his books as well as some research done by others, you can click here to find it. I think you’ll find some interesting reading there.

I want to say “thank you,” to a few people. Thanks to Philip Martin for stepping in and running the sound and video for the service Sunday. I really appreciated that! Thanks also to the many who helped out with the pancake and sausage breakfast! Finally, thanks to all who have been baking cookies, making crafts, and getting ready for the relief sale. It’s so good to see you all so busy in Christian service.

Make sure you look at the schedule of events. It’s a very busy time with the Relief Sale coming up. The building has been a hive of activity with people getting ready. Also, remember Wednesday Coffee and Devotions will be meeting this Wednesday at 10 am. We will also continue to have our Friday morning coffee at 8:30 am—come and go as you like.

God Bless,


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