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Wednesday Late-Edition Long-Weekend E-gram

How is it that even though everything seems to slow down a bit in the summer, the summer seems to go by so quickly? In the middle of our family reunions, family vacations, time outdoors, swimming, grilling, picnicking, late nights around the fire pit, etc. let’s make sure to remember the one we have to thank for the many blessings that we enjoy.

I hope that everyone had an enjoyable weekend, and got to spend some time doing something fun and summery. Josanne and I were able to see some of you at the Danvers band concert Sunday evening. On the Fourth, we picnicked by the Illinois River in East Peoria and then stayed to watch the fireworks display.

Watching the various people that you see for something like a fireworks display made me think about our calling as Christians to be a people who are set apart. It should be seen in our actions, but also our attitudes and the way we respond to others as well. I have to admit to being pretty easily annoyed by others sometimes. When people act rudely or disrespectfully it makes we want to react in pretty un-Christlike ways. It’s at those times that it’s most important for us to live by the power of the Holy Spirit living in us. I briefly mentioned Romans 8:5-8 in my sermon Sunday. This Scripture teaches us that only by being led by the Spirit can we please God. We want to allow the Spirit to work within us.

We seem to be going through one of those seasons when several of our number are in special need of pray. Make sure to note these changes on the prayer list and let’s be faithful and fervent in our prayers.

God bless,


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