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True Gold

Yesterday’s worship service was a blessing as we had Elliott and Liz and some youth from the area youth group leading the service. They shared some about the mission trip which they took this summer. Elliott’s message was both encouraging and challenging and we were introduced to a couple of new songs. Thanks so much for using your gifts!

Some of you may have been watching part of the Olympic games like I have. I’ve been struck by the number of the athletes who have used the spotlight of their competitions to talk about their faith. The two divers who said their identity is found in Christ, not in diving encouraged me. Simone Manuel was the first African-American woman to win an individual medal in swimming. The first things in her post-win interview was to give glory to God. The story of Michael Phelps giving credit to The Purpose-Driven Life for helping him get his life on track is another example. You can read about that here. These stories help encourage us to think about what’s most important and to be bold in sharing our faith.

John Reel sent a story about Olympic marathoner, Guor Marial, who was Jonny’s roommate in college. You can read his story here. I want to share it because of the perspective it provides. We are sometimes discouraged by the difficulties in our country. To read Guor’s story and the things he has had to overcome in his life gives us a perspective about how things are in other parts of the world. As bad as things seem sometimes, we are incredibly blessed. Let’s use the blessings that God has provided and the opportunities we have to share our faith with others.

I want to share some news in the E-gram today, as well. Ben and Hannah Lee and Olivia shared the good news yesterday that there will be a new addition to the family come February. We celebrate this news with them. I also heard from Warren yesterday and Bev Amberg’s surgey went well and she is getting stronger. We thank God for this news and pray for continued healing.

Remember that next Sunday we will be meeting at 10am in Danvers rather than at our building. This is our annual joint service with other area churches. The Morton Sisters will be bring a message in song.

Also remember to invite a friend to come along with you for our Fall kickoff on September 11th.

God bless, Brian

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