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Feeling Blessed

Yesterday’s worship service was another of those where I left with my heart full. Thanks to everyone who helped in the planning of the service, and in making it a reality. We are truly blessed to have a number of gifted individuals within the congregation who pull together to make everything run so smoothly. I believe that God is at work within this congregation and calling us to more that is ahead.

Jesse and Amber Brandt asking for their children to be dedicated to the Lord was such a blessing. The baptismal service of Jesse and Joseph Brandt where they confessed Jesus as their Lord was also a blessing. These are both a reminder of why we need to continue to be faithful in our witness as a congregation.

We will have an opportunity next week to celebrate being part of a world-wide community of faith as we celebrate World Communion Sunday. We’ll be reminded of our connection to one another that comes because of our faith in Christ, and also our connection to Christians around the world.

I mentioned in the sermon yesterday an article detailing the effects of the new Russian law which forbids proselytizing. The article from the Washington Post can be read here. This article focuses primarily upon the effects for Mormon missionaries. They are not the only ones affected by this law, but the effort they put into missionary work means that they feel the effects strongly. Let’s continue to remember and pray for our fellow Christ-followers around the world who face various kinds of persecution.

God bless,


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