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Christmas Story

Where do you think you would fit into the Christmas story? Can you imagine yourself most as a shepherd, or as one of the Magi? Perhaps you’d be one of the people of Bethlehem to whom the shepherds told their story, or maybe you’d be some of Joseph’s family who tried to find a place for he and the very pregnant Mary to stay. Maybe there’s some other place that you can imagine yourself.

In this year’s Advent series, I want us to think about how these characters from the Christmas story were real people with real families. They had jobs. They were facing real-life problems and worries. Understanding these characters as people like us can help us learn lessons that apply to our lives as well.

In yesterday’s sermon, we saw that the wisemen teach us about the importance of worship and what is necessary for worship. Worship requires humility and worship requires sacrifice. God deserves our worship. When we draw near to God and present him with our true selves, it changes us. We learn about who we truly are when we are in his presence. This special Advent and Christmas season offers us several opportunities to worship.

There are several special services coming up in the next few weeks. December 11th will be our children’s program. On December 18th, the choir will be offering some special numbers. We will also be having a Christmas Eve service at 6:30pm for those who wish to come. On Christmas morning we will not be having Sunday School, but will have a fellowship time at 9am with our worship service following at 10:10am. These are great opportunities for us to celebrate what is at the heart of this special time of the year.

Let’s also think about those who are in need this Christmas season. There are many opportunities for us to bless others with the blessings that we have received.

God bless you all,


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