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Israel Update 1

Josanne and I are in the middle of our first ever trip to Israel. We have had just an incredible time. There is too much to even describe. Thank you for your prayers. We are safe. Please pray for Josanne's foot as she has hurt it.

We have just finished our first week where we were hiking the Jesus Trail with my Old Testament professor from Seminary, Mark Ziese. Last Thursday we hiked from Nazareth to Sepphoris. This was my 50th birthday, by the way, and part of the reason we decided to go on this pilgrimage this year. This is likely the path Joseph, and later Jesus would have walked from their home in order to work at construction in the Roman city of Sepphoris.

On Friday our hike took us to the area around Capernaum where Jesus and his disciples spent much of their time. It was beautiful. Today we were in Jerusalem all day and have seen so much. You can check out our itinerary here. Mark Ziese’s website is full of interesting information about traveling in the Holy Land. You can view it here.

We will certainly miss being with you all while we are gone. We are grateful for this unique opportunity however, and hope to come back refreshed and with fresh insights into Scripture and our faith that we will be able to share.

God bless, Brian

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