The Blessing of North Danvers

North Danvers is blessed in so many ways. The worship service yesterday was an indication of this. We are blessed with so many talented musicians and technicians who are able to make the worship time engaging and meaningful. We are blessed with many young people who are being raised to want to follow Jesus closely. Blake Buatte’s baptism was a demonstration of that. We are blessed with the ability to offer welcome to visitors. Yesterday we had an opportunity to welcome 14 visitors, and even three who are citizens of two countries other than our own! We are blessed with people who know how to cook. Our fellowship dinner was a great time of fellowship and deepening connections. We are blessed with those who have the ability to make things work and who serve quietly behind the scenes. The preparations that were necessary for yesterday’s service, and the way that everything went together so well.

North Danvers is an opportunity both to be blessed but also to be a blessing to others. What gifts has God given you that you can put to good use for others?

One way our congregation blesses others is through our participation in the Illinois Mennonite Relief Sale. There are opportunities to volunteer and use your talents and strength for those who have need. Remember Pie Day will be Thursday, March 16th. There is a sign up sheet for ingredients. There are also opportunities to help Imogene make Pfeffernusse. You can contact her about that information. There are also volunteer opportunities that you can sign up for on the website:

Thank you so much for your help and understanding while Josanne is incapacitate and needs a bit more of my attention. You all are a blessing to us.

God bless,


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