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Planting Time 2017

I’ve said before that we are positioned in the middle of such potential. As I see the farmers out in the fields this time of year I’m reminded of the incredible potential in this great farmland that God has given us. A small seed being planted now will burst forth and multiply many times over. I also see the great potential around us for a spiritual harvest. A small seed of faith planted in the life of another can produce such an amazing harvest. Let’s make sure that we are consistently and regularly planting seeds of life and hope into the lives of those around us.

Yesterday was the last day in our series on the Gospel of John in our Sunday morning worship service. Jesus taught us that he is the great I AM, and we’ve seen what it means to be a close follower of Jesus. It has been a blessing for me to prepare for these sermons and to share them. I hope others have been blessed by them as well.

Next week we will begin an examination of the life of an Old Testament hero, the prophet Elijah. I’ve always been intrigued by something James said in his letter, “Elijah was a person like us” (James 5:17a). Even when I was a kid I can remember reading this verse and thinking, “Really?!?” When you look at Elijah’s life it seems remarkable. So for the next 10 weeks in the Sunday morning worship service we’ll be looking at Elijah’s life to see what we can learn about living as a godly person.

It was inadvertently left out of the refrigerator reminders, but there will be a last Sunday potluck next Sunday, April 30th, so come prepared to share together in this great time of fellowship. Hope to see you there!

God bless!


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