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Two Full Years...

I mentioned yesterday that last Tuesday, August 1st, was the second anniversary of Josanne and I officially starting at North Danvers Mennonite Church. For those who weren’t present, I will repeat that we are blessed by being here and that we love you all. We look forward to more happening in the year to come!

Josanne and I and the kids are heading out today for a family vacation—the first one with all of us together in more than six years. I can tell you that the travel portion has already begun with some hiccups due to weather. Our first flight this morning has already been cancelled, but like any time you travel, plans must be held onto loosely. Even James has something to say about that, as we shall see in a few weeks (see James 4:13-18)!

It was also mentioned yesterday that NDMC was well represented at the McLean County Fair. So many of our young people submit projects, show livestock, and participate in other ways. It was so neat to see so many see success as a result of their hard work. Just know that we are proud of all of our young people and the way that God has gifted you. Thank you all for being such good representatives of our congregation!

A couple of notes for what’s upcoming. Next week Ben Lee will be preaching during our worship time. This is a sermon that is important and that you won’t want to miss. Ben will do a great job with this important text. In two weeks, instead of our normal meeting place, we will be gathering together as a community for our annual Danvers Days worship service in the park in Danvers. Finally, remember that September 10th will be our Fall Kickoff and the time we resume our normal Sunday morning meeting times. Sunday School will resume with classes for all ages! Make sure to not only be there, but also make it a point to invite a friend!

Josanne and I will miss you while we are gone, but look forward to seeing you when we return.

God bless!


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