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Easter Monday 2018

I’m dreaming of a white. . . Easter?!? How crazy was the weather yesterday? It was too cold to have our Sunrise Service outside, but we had a good number who came and participated inside. Then, yesterday afternoon into the evening, we get all this snow! This isn’t the first time I’ve seen snow on Easter, but this snow storm was a bit heaver. It should all be melted by tonight. The blessing is that it came after our services, so we were able to make it safely to our Easter services.

It is always encouraging to celebrate Jesus’ Resurrection. We had a good crowd with lots of visitors. I hope everyone was able to share some special time with loved ones as well. The worship service was uplifting. Again, I appreciate all of those who participate in big ways and small to make our services special. Thank you especially to Betty Zook for leading our choir who did some special numbers.

Remember that April 9th will be the Ladies’ Spring Fling. Also, it’s time to be signing up for the Mental Health First-Aid Class which will be held here at NDMC on April 28th from 8am-5pm. We’d like to see some from the congregation participate in this, and also a few more from the community sign up.

April 15th will be the AWW Youth Group will be hosting Fundraiser Dinner here at NDMC. It will be followed by an auction, if you have items you’d like to donate. Let’s come out in good numbers and support the Youth Group and all of the good work they are doing.

I hope the encouragement of Easter, and the hope of the Resurrection continue to lift you up in the days to come!

God bless,


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