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NDMC Israel Trip 2018 Part 1

Sometimes unexpected things happen. This is where our trust in God is so important. We trust that even when we find ourselves in unexpected circumstances, God is not surprised and he is able to keep us in the midst of the unknown. Most of you will know by now that while our group made its way safely to Israel, that I started having pain in my abdomen the first night we were in the country. The next day, we continued on our planned itinerary, taking in the beautiful site of Caesarea Maritima. This is Herod the Great’s city he built to honor Caesar Augustus. This is where Cornelius was from, and so the place where Peter preached to Gentiles (Acts 10). It’s also the place where Paul was later brought before Festus before appealing to Caesar in Rome (Acts 25). So far, so good.

At our next stop, however, my pain became worse to the point I thought I was going to pass out. I went back and to lie down in the back of the bus, in the only position that I could get comfortable. The group broke for lunch, but I didn’t feel well at all. Josanne knew I was really sick when I suggested that I needed to get to a clinic. Sure enough, I had appendicitis and by the time they operated, it had perforated meaning I have to spend several days in the hospital in Tiberius having IV antibiotics. I thought I’d be writing a nice update from Nazareth today, but instead I’m writing from my hospital bed.

The good news is that I’ve been taken very good care of, and the group has not had to miss a beat. They are in Nazareth today seeing the amazing sites connected to Mary and Joseph’s hometown, and the place where Jesus grew up. I wish I could be with them, but I’m glad I’m receiving such good care. My hope is within the next few days, I should be discharged and will be able to travel with the group to this South—first to the Dead Sea and then on to Jerusalem.

I do appreciate all of the prayers for my healing, as well as the notes I’ve received. Continue to pray for travel mercies for the entire group, please. I hope next week I’ll be able to give a much better report!

God bless,


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