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NDMC Israel Trip 2018 Part 2

Sunday morning, while it was still Saturday night in Central Illinois, I prayed for all of you at the Western Wall. As we joined the worshipers there at that place that is close to where the Temple stood in the time of Jesus, I thought of all of you that would be gathering for worship at North Danvers later that same day. I often remind us during our worship service that there are Christians around the globe who are offering worship to God on this same day. For me, this was a powerful reminder of this truth.

Today is the last day of our tour, and we’ll be catching our flight back to the US tonight. We’ll arrive in Chicago, the Lord willing, Tuesday morning. It’s been a very full tour. We’ve kept ourselves very busy seeing this historical and spiritually significant sites. The members of the group are all doing well, but we are tired and excited to be home. It will be nice to sleep in our own beds. We look forward to being able to share what we saw and experienced. Sometime later this summer, we’ll set aside a time to talk about our trip and to show some pictures.

I hope all went well with worship at North Danvers yesterday and that Jim Bortell’s message was challenging and encouraging. We look forward to seeing everyone next Sunday (if not before). Pray for our safe and speedy travel as we return. Thank you again for all of the prayers for my recovery from surgery. The nurses who are on the trip have been surprised by how quickly and completely I’ve been able to recover. I know I have been buoyed up by the prayers of our own congregation as well as those of other believers.

God bless, Brian

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