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Between Jacob and Joseph

Yesterday was the last sermon in our series on Jacob, but we will continue to work through the book of Genesis by looking at the life of Jacob’s son, Joseph. Jacob’s story was one of transformation. We were able to see the way that God worked in Jacob’s life to change his character. It’s a story that we can relate to. We can see the way that God works in our life to bring about change. Joseph’s life is a story of faithfulness despite calamity. We will see that he was betrayed by his brothers, lied about, and falsely imprisoned, yet he remained faithful to God, and God continued to be present with him even in difficult times. This is a message of hope for us when we find ourselves in times of difficulty.

Our Fall kickoff will be September 9th. I hope you are beginning to think about who you might invite to come with you to North Danvers this coming Fall.

Thank you to all who helped with Leo Miller’s funeral and the funeral dinner. Thank you as well to all of those who showed kindness to the family and surrounded them with your love. The people of NDMC are especially good about performing acts of kindness and service in such times. It’s in times such as these that our church family means so much.

God bless,


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