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Last Days of Summer

Those dreaded/well-loved words “back-to-school” are being spoken more and more often it seems. While there are a few weeks of summer left, things are drawing to an end. The State Fair is coming up. Some people are heading out on last minute vacations. Danvers Days will be taking place in a few weeks’ time.

We are so proud of our young people, and the various activities in which they are involved. North Danvers was represented very well at the McLean County Fair last week. Several of the young people from our congregation were involved in showing several kinds of livestock and also in other areas of 4-H. Some will be showing in the Illinois State Fair this next week. There are so many, I’m not going to try to mention everyone by name for fear of leaving someone out! To everyone involved we say, “well done!” Josanne and I were also able to go see the Corn Stock Theater production of “Newsies!” over in Peoria last night which Samantha Boschulte is in. We are certainly blessed by so many talented young people in our congregation.

Sunday School will start back September 9th. Remember how important this instruction is for our young people and older people alike. God’s Word is what gives us guidance in this life, and it brings us comfort and encouragement during hard times as well. Knowing God’s Word well is an important part of our journeys as followers of Christ. Also be thinking about who you can invite to Sunday School and to Worship Services this Fall.

Speaking of a young person in our congregation, yesterday during the worship service, Hannah Sombeck presented the ministry she’ll be participating in during the upcoming school year at the University of Kentucky. Hannah will be serving with an organization called Christian Student Fellowship. Click here to watch a video where you can learn more about this ministry. Hannah is raising her own support, you can give by clicking here and select the fund “Staff—Hannah Sombeck.” We look forward to seeing how God uses here this year.

Josanne and I will be heading up to Northern Minnesota next week to camp. I’ll be out of the office from Friday through next Thursday. Bill Troyer will be filling the pulpit next week as we continue our journey through Genesis and the life of Joseph. You won’t want to miss this important sermon in the series!

Remember that in TWO WEEKS we’ll be joining with the First Presbyterian Church of Danvers for our worship service in the park during Danvers Days. We won’t be meeting at the NDMC building, but will instead be meeting outside in the park in Danvers. Make sure to bring a lawn chair.

See you all soon!

God bless,


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