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An Exciting Challenge

I wonder if your parents ever told you the same thing that mine did. They taught me that there are times we have to sacrifice in the short term in order to have something better for the long term. It’s no different for us as a congregation, and next week we will experience this first hand. Work on installing our new lift will begin TODAY as the crew begins to remove the old unit and to prepare the walls for the installation of the new unit. That means that next Sunday the lift will not be available.

What we will do is meet together during the worship hour next week in the Fellowship Hall. This will be a challenge, but we can also see it as an exciting adventure as we sacrifice in the short term for something that is going to be a long-term blessing for our congregation. This is an example of the way that we can work together in order to make something happen that will be a benefit to North Danvers for years to come. I hope you’ll come out and join us for this special Sunday! I’ve even promised that I’ll do something different and surprising—I just have to figure out what that is!

If you attended the open house at the Danvers-Carlock Food Pantry yesterday, you were able to see the fruits of working together toward a common goal as well. The new area of the food pantry is so much more spacious and bright, and it has elements that really helps that ministry to our community. This is an example of what can happen where the church of the community as well as other organizations work together to help those who are in need. If you’d like to see break-down of the expenses and the giving that made this expansion a reality, there is a sheet posted on the bulletin board just to the right of the office door.

Russ Middleton announced yesterday that it’s time to make any suggestions to the Trustee Team about where you’d like to see a portion of our year-end distribution of funds be directed. If you don't know, every year we take a distribution from our Everance fund and we direct it toward groups that we work with. The trustee team is open to your suggestions as they make the decision about where that money should go.

I want to say thanks also to Jed Metzger who gave a helpful presentation during Sunday School yesterday about creative ways that we can give to the church and to charities as well that make the most of the new tax laws. This information that he gave was valuable. If you missed it, I’m sure Jed would be willing to quickly answer some questions for you.

I believe that God is at work in our congregation for the benefit of our community. Let’s be seeking his guidance and be willing to step out when there are exciting challenges which lay before us.

God bless,


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