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Focus on People

What an inspiring worship service yesterday! For the choir to have the opportunity to do the special musical number “Put Peace into Each Others’ Hands” was a blessing. The chimes also did very well. It was encouraging to see the sanctuary full again and to have a number of visitors. The potluck dinner afterwards was also fantastic with both great food and great fellowship. What a great day to gather together!

Lately I’ve been reminded about how important it is to consider what other people are facing. Both in hate-filled news stories from the past week and conversations with others closer to home, it a reminder of the importance of kindness. As followers of Christ who are called to extend peace and love, we seldom know everything someone else is going through. I would call us all again to kindness. One of the lines from the choir song yesterday is, “We may not do great things, but we can do small things with great love.”

So, let’s be patient with one another. Let’s try to speak kindly to one another. Let’s offer understanding and pray for one another.

God bless,


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