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The Season Approaches

I was really encouraged again yesterday by the worship service and Sunday School. Bill Troyer is doing a great job with our adult Sunday School study of The Circle Maker on prayer. It’s not too late to join in if you’d like to be a part of it. It’s always nice to see the sanctuary full and so many young people during Russ Middleton’s children’s story! So great!

Next week is the last week of the sermon series on 2 Corinthians. November 18th is our Harvest Mission. We are blessed that Cala Laible and John Malcolm have agreed to present on the ministry of the Food Resource Bank. This should be very informative and a Sunday you won’t want to miss. On November 25th we’ll be having a message on Thanksgiving during the worship service and then Hanging of the Greens at 5pm that evening with a light supper.

Advent will begin December 2nd. Our Advent series this year is entitled “The Old Familiar Carols Play”. We’ll focus each week on a different carol. We’ll consider the Scriptures from which the lyrics come. Our children’s Christmas program will be on Sunday morning, December 9th. The adult cantata is titled “Good News from Home” and will be presented on December 16th.

It’s a great time of year with some much that’s going on. I encourage you to attend and also invite your friends! During the Advent and Christmas season, people are thinking about what God has done for us in sending his son, Jesus. You might be surprised about how many people would be open to coming with you to a church service.

Hope to see you all on Sunday!

God bless,


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