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Like the Judges

In the Book of Judges, God’s people repeatedly become complacent when they find themselves in a good situation. When there’s peace in the land and all is going well, they begin to drift away from their relationship with God and they begin to be tempted by the many things going on around them. The Canaanites worshiped Ba’als which were agricultural gods. The promise of worshiping them was that the crops would do well and the peoples wealth would increase. After a period of time, God would allow the people to experience the consequences of their choices though and they would begin to experience difficulties which would cause them to cry out to God.

It’s not unlike us today. It’s in periods of crisis that we find ourselves crying out to God the most and with the most intensity. When things are going well, we can become lax in maintaining our relationship with God. I hope you’ll come to our worship services in order to see what other lessons we can learn from the Book of Judges.

There was a good crowd in the Worship Service yesterday and a good number in the Sunday School classes. The new youth classes seem to be doing well and the Adult Sunday School study of the Book of Revelation has been well-attended also. It was also so nice to see so many staying for Fellowship afterwards.

Remember that we will be meeting with the Presbyterian Church on September 29th at 10 am. Next Sunday, the 22nd, we will be meeting at NDMC as normal. Sunday School at 9 am and Worship Service at 10:10 am with the fellowship time following. Be sure to come out and bring your friends with you!

God bless,


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