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End of Judges

It was good to see a good crowd out for the worship service yesterday. There’s only one more week in our series on Judges. November 17 is our Harvest Mission Sunday. We’ll be viewing some videos from some of the organizations we support on that day. On November 24 we’ll have a single sermon on the book of Ruth that I think you’ll find interesting. Our Advent series is going to focus on Bethlehem. I’ve titled the series, “In Royal David’s City,” from the old carol. Hard to believe that Christmas is coming so quickly!

In the Adult Sunday School we are continuing through the Book of Revelation and the attendance has been really good there as well. You should come and try it out! Remember that we have Sunday School for all ages.

As we get into the last two months of the year, there are a lot of events upcoming. We’ll be having a potluck dinner after the Harvest Mission service. On December 15th the adult and youth choirs will be having their special music Sunday. We have a group attending the Christmas program at the Barn III on that day, as well.

I hope you make plans to attend services here at NDMC. Remember that it’s also a great time of year to invite those who are looking for a place to worship.

See you Sunday and God bless!


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