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Mere Anarchy

The last part of the book of Judges depicts a time when God’s people were not following him, but were instead doing what each of them thought was “right in his or her own eyes.” In the sermon yesterday, I called this “Mere Anarchy,” from a line in Yeats poem, “The Second Coming.” In this time God’s people were creating their own religion, they were fighting among themselves, and they were setting their own rules. I think this presents a warning we need to listen to. As God’s people we need to make sure we are listening to his path for us rather than following our own directions.

I mentioned at the beginning of the service three weeks ago that we had experienced vandalism connected to three signs giving direction to NDMC. I would encourage you to listen to see if you hear of other acts of vandalism such as this, or if you hear anything that might relate to knowing who did this. This information should be shared with Rick Kaufman or one of the others on the trustee team.

Next week is our Harvest Mission Sunday. We will be learning information about some of our partners in ministry. I think you’ll find it a very informative Sunday. Remember the other events that are upcoming, such as Hanging of the Greens on November 24th.

I hope to see you Sunday, and make sure to invite a friend.

God bless,


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