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Encountering Jesus

Between now and Easter Sunday, we’ll be focused on the Gospel of Luke during the worship service. The series is entitled, “Encountering Jesus,” and so we’ll be looking especially at the way that Jesus encountered various individuals and groups in Luke. My hope is that through this study, we will learn about what it means for us to encounter Jesus in our lives as well.

Yesterday during the sermon, I mentioned the obituary of Ken Fuson. He was a journalist and it was an obituary he wrote himself. It’s humorous and self-deprecating. It makes you think that Ken would be a fun guy to have hung around with, but he also gives an amazing testimony about Jesus and what a difference Jesus meant in his life. You can read this obituary by clicking here. I hope Ken’s obituary makes us think about our testimony. Sharing our witness doesn’t require deep theological knowledge. It doesn’t require us to give an eloquent message. We don’t have to be as humorous as Ken Fuson. All it requires is that we can sincerely share what Jesus means to us and how our life is different because of him.

Remember that the annual meeting will be this Sunday with a potluck dinner after the service. If you haven’t seen the Annual Report, they should be in your mailbox at the church building. We hope to have a good turnout for this meeting.

I’m praying and hoping that God continues to lead us and guide us as his people here at North Danvers. As we encounter Jesus over the next few months, I pray that we will share with others what Jesus means in our lives and what he can mean to them as well.

God bless, Brian

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