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Signs of Spring

The weather yesterday was so beautiful, and though its cooler today the sun is out and shining brightly this morning. I hope you had a chance to get out and enjoy it. It seems to me that the days are getting lighter earlier in the morning, too. We’ve even had our first “snow bird” return from the south. The long month of January and the month February with its extra days are in the past and the calendar has turned over to March. All these are sure signs that Spring can’t be too far away.

Another sign of Spring is that the materials for the Annual Mennonite Relief Sale have arrived. And the church building smells like pfeffernuesen. Make sure to look for the ways you can sign-up to help out at this great event. Pie day will be March 18–that’s just a little bit over two weeks away!

Remember that as the Easter season approaches, it’s a great time to invite your friends and family to our services. As I said in the sermon yesterday, doing the work that God has given us of reaching out to others requires persistence. Like the woman who lost the coin, in Luke 15, searching until we find something requires effort. She lit a lamp, she swept the house, and she didn’t give up until the coin was found. North Danvers Mennonite Church is a special group of people, and we would love to see more people getting involved. Someone this week used the phrase Team NDMC to me. I really like that (thanks, Rhea). So go Team NDMC!

There are lots of thanks to go around this week. Thanks to all of those who helped with Grace Keighin’s funeral and the dinner which followed. Special thanks to Jim and Deb, and Craig and Twila who stepped up to lead that effort. Thanks to those who shoveled snow again this week and moved the salt and shovels in time for the funeral. Elsewhere there in this E-gram there are thanks offered for all of those who worked hard to install our new computer in the sanctuary. I want to simply add my thanks here! Thanks to all of you who make NDMC what it is through your various efforts. May God continue to bless this congregation. Go Team NDMC!

Don't forget the God's Little Acre Preschool Pancake & Sausage Breakfast is this Saturday from 8:00 am - 10:00 am- Come support the preschool children at this annual event!!

God bless,


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