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Serving Others

This week is the last week on our series on spiritual disciplines. I hope that it’s been a blessing, and I hope that we’ll consider carefully how these practices can help us continue to grow spiritually. The corn is certainly growing in the fields. While so many things around us are unfamiliar right now, the normality of the growing season reminds us about those things continue. Life goes on.

We’ll be talking about serving others. This is a characteristic that many in our congregation demonstrate in amazing ways. I’ve always been impressed by the number of different ways that people are willing to help out. I’d simply encourage us to continue to look for ways that we can be a blessing to others. It’s more important now than ever.

You’ll notice in the announcements that we are going to try to have our Friday morning coffee out under the pull-through at the West end of the Fellowship Hall. You can bring your own chair and cup, if you like. We’ll have some coffee available. We can have some fellowship, but we will continue to practice social distancing outside.

Thank you for the kind notes of encouragement you’ve sent this past week. I want to say again that when I’ve asked us to be intentionally praying for pastors, its really not me I’m talking about. Every week I’m hearing stories from pastors who are tired, others who are being fired, and others who are at congregations that are struggling to stay afloat. I’m simply concerned and care for them overall. I’ve experienced the toughness of this present season, but I have felt the support, encouragement, and prayers of so many here.

God bless, Brian

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