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Stress Test

Just a quick note this morning, because as I mentioned yesterday at the end of the worship service, I have an appointment for a stress test this morning. I’ll try to let everyone know how it went in the Thursday E-Bulletin if not before. Just assume no news is good news.

Yesterday was the end of the series on spiritual disciplines. It was a challenging series, but one that helped stretch me and remind me of some of these disciplines that I have neglected in my life. How was it for you? I hope it has encouraged us to engage with our spiritual growth in a meaningful way.

Next week we will begin a very short series through the book of Jonah. I mentioned before Tim Keller’s book The Prodigal Prophet is part of the inspiration behind this series. This week’s sermon is titled “Running Away.” When Jonah received a command from God, he ran in the opposite direction. How are some ways that we run away from God?

Let’s continue to encourage one another and to practice kindness.

God bless, Brian

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