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Decision Fatigue

A church board member sent me this article, on decision fatigue. I think any of us who’ve had to make difficult decisions on sparse and changing information while considering multiple opinions on the situation can relate to this. I want to again commend our Church Board for having to make difficult decisions and to do so in a difficult environment. They’ve also been consistent in their concern for the members of the congregation, and they have been at the front of the line for those volunteering to do what needs to be done. I’m thankful for them.

I hope Jonah has challenged us in our response to those around us. It seems that the rhetoric continues to be more heated. Everyone’s emotions are raised. It’s seems easy for us to demonize others who are different than we are. I hope we remember our call to show compassion on others and, as our mission statement says, “. . . reaching out in love.” I will say again, this is an opportunity for us to demonstrate our faith in action.

Let continue to lift each other up in prayer. No matter what you think of what is going on, this is a difficult time for us all. Let’s pray for a spirit of unity and peace in our congregation and in our country.

God bless, Brian

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