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Don’t Need a Weatherman

The week ahead looks to be a wild one as far as the weather goes. High of 74 on Tuesday, high of 34 on Wednesday. March always comes in like a lion, but the hope of Spring is right around the corner.


The hope that we have in Christ is ever-present, thank God. No matter what storms come and go, we are confident in the hope we have because of what God has done through Christ.


That’s the good news that we have to share with the world. In the worship time yesterday we were focused on the story that we call the Parable of the Prodigal Son. It’s certainly good news for us that God greets us with open arms like the father running out to embrace his prodigal son. I wanted to remind us clearly yesterday that this is good news for all people. God wants all of the prodigals to return to him.


I told the story of the families of Jim Eliot and Nate Saint yesterday to make the point that as Christians we should not put limits on the transforming love of Christ. I am especially moved when I think of the way that Steve Saint lived with the tribe who had killed his father, and was even baptized by one of the two who had speared his father to death. A warrior turned Christian preacher named Mincaye. You can see Steve Saint remembering Mincaye soon after his death in this video. You can also see the Steve Saint and Mincaye preaching a sermon where Randy Alcorn ministers in this video. I find both of them very moving.


Here's the point—things change. The weather is changeable. Hearts change, too, thank God.


God bless, Brian


Scripture readings for next Sunday


Luke 18:1-17—What do we learn about prayer from this passage?

Psalm 51—What strikes you when you read David’s prayer of confession?

Matthew 6:5-15—How do you understand the instructions Jesus gives about prayer here?

James 5:13-18—What can we learn about prayer from this passage?



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