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Graduation Season

Things are a bit quieter at the church building in the morning since God’s Little Acre Preschool is finished for the summer. They’ve had their graduation ceremony already. Many other schools are finishing up this week. Remember that this Sunday we’ll be honoring our graduates. You’ll find a list of their names elsewhere in this E-Gram. Remember that we will also be having our potluck after our worship service this coming Sunday.

The end of school also means that we’ll be finishing up our series in Ezra and beginning a new series from the Book of Colossians with a bonus sermon from the book of Philemon. Make sure to remember that beginning Sunday, June 4th, our Sunday School will take a hiatus through the Summer and our worship service will begin at 9am, rather than the current time of 10:10am.

Don’t forget that the youth group fund-raiser Garage Sale will be held June 1st and 2nd at the Carlock Community building. There’s still time to make donations of items to sell. Make sure to come out and support this great event.

Hope to see you Sunday!

God bless, Brian

Ezra 9—In his prayer, what does Ezra’s primary concern with the people’s sin seem to be? Ezra 10:1-17—Why do you think the people reacted to Ezra as they did?

Hebrews 10:8-18—What does this teach us about how we are set apart? 2 Chronicles 9:1-11—How does Hezekiah describe bringing the people back to God?


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