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Monday Musings

I’m watching the weather radar this morning. If you haven’t looked, you may not want to. It’s ugly! Though it’s a big storm, the problem is that it seems difficult to predict. It will depend a lot on its track and what time the temperature is above or below freezing on how much of what we get. They are using that favorite phrase of Illinoisans: “a wintry mix.” Anyone else ready for Spring? Probably doesn’t help my Monday “blahs” that my beloved Packers went down in flames to Tampa Bay yesterday.

If you haven’t listened to the sermon yesterday, I would encourage you to. I don’t always say that. John 4 tells the story of Jesus’ encounter with the woman at the well. The challenge at the end was for us to recognize that being a disciple isn’t about gathering in worship to be equipped and energized, but it’s about sharing living water at the “wells” in our life. Who’s the person at your “well” who needs life-giving water?

Thanks to all of those who planned, baked, and worked to make the Drive-through Breakfast fundraiser for the Danvers Carlock Community food pantry a success! The last I heard $2,850 had been raised. The food pantry has been doing great work, but because of an increasing need they have been strapped for funds. This fundraiser will give a much-needed boost! Let’s continue to pray for and support the help that the food pantry brings to the community!

It was good to have Louise’s daughter Kathy with us for a couple of Sundays in a row. It was so much fun to see mother and daughter play together. There was no doubt that Kathy had learned from her mother. It’s a lot like a disciple following the example of Jesus. We want to look more and more like him every day.

Love you all. Stay warm and be safe!


Scriptures for this week:

John 5:16-30—What do you think Jesus means that those who hear his word and believe in God have “crossed from death to life”?

Genesis 2:4-14—How would you describe the importance of the “breath of life” that the Lord breathed into Adam?

Deuteronomy 30:11-20—Why do you think the Lord uses the terms “death” and “life” here to describe Israel’s options?

Romans 5:12-21—How would you describe the connection between sin and death?


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