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I should know better than to begin a series on journeys with a sermon on setting out in hardship before I leave on vacation. I won’t bore you with all of the details, but suffice it to say that it wasn’t a problem-free trip. In fact, before I even was able to meet up with Josanne I had a flat tire on the car I had rented! It’s one of those times it’s almost a relief to be back.

But our sermon this week is about overcoming roadblocks. How do we respond when things get difficult? When the unexpected happens, how do we react? I wonder what it would have been like when the Israelites encountered the wall of Jericho. Yet, God calls them to do something that had to have them scratching their heads. Instead of planning a direct attack, or looking for vulnerabilities, they were supposed to have a week of parades? It’s another way of demonstrating that important truth that God is the one who provides the deliverance, not us.

I want to say a big thank you to Doug Hicks who was willing to step in while I was gone. Thanks also to the many volunteers who work long hours to make sure things go well. Let’s make sure we are showing our appreciation to those who make our services—both online and in-person—a reality.

Hope you are doing well. Continue to pray for one another and let’s continue to practice kindness.

God bless,


Scriptures for this week:

Joshua 6—How do you think you would responded if God commanded you to march around Jericho for 7 days? Zechariah 4—Is it difficult for you to trust God rather than try to force something yourself? Why or why not? 1 Peter 1—What are some trials that you face? What does this chapter teach us about them? James 1:1-18—How many times do you find the word “perseverance” or “endurance” in this passage? How would you define that word?


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