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Remain in Me

Are you thinking about planting anything yet? I know some of you well enough to know that you are already thumbing through those seed catalogs! Today is one of those rainy days and Mondays that Karen Carpenter sang about, but it won’t be long until those warmer days are here to stay. In John 15, Jesus uses another “growing” illustration. This time it’s of a vineyard. Vineyards were so important in Judea and Galilee. Jesus gives us the good news that his Father cares for the vines, but the surprising part of this is that Jesus says that he himself is the vine, and that we are the branches. Jesus encourages us to remain in him. That’s the only way a branch of a vine can receive its nourishment. Jesus is the source of our life and we must remain in him.

Here’s the question I want to think about this week. What are ways that we remain in Jesus? How do we cultivate and maintain our close relationship and connection with him? What practices or habits or disciplines can we make a part of our life in order to help us make sure our relationship with Jesus is growing? These are important questions if we want to be close to Jesus.

Remember this is the final week for bids on the online Illinois Mennonite Relief Sale. Also, the final week for letting Margie know if you want a pie (or two or four). Also look for the online Dutch Market and the goodies that are available there.

I hope this rainy Monday isn’t getting you down, but if it is, remember the only thing to do is run and find the one who loves you. No one loves you better than Jesus does—remain in him.

God bless,


Scriptures for this week:

John 15:1-17—Name some things that help you to remain connected to Jesus.

Jeremiah 12—What is the significance of the image of God as the planter/vine dresser?

Psalm 16—What images does David use here to talk about his relationship with God?

1 John 2:18-27—How does this passage connect with the idea of remaining in Jesus?


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