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Temperature Changes

I’m hoping for some temperature changes, but those are actually two different topics I thought I’d talk a little about today.


First, temperature. It was even colder yesterday morning than predicted and the same was true when I got up this morning. I hope it was beneficial for you all to be able to stay in and participate in the worship service from home. I do want to say a big thank you to those who came out—Cala, Josanne, and Al to help with the service. If the expected (relative) warm up occurs we should be able to meet normally next week.


The annual reports for 2023 are in your boxes at the church building, so if you want to pick them up you can. Remember that our annual meeting will be held January 28th after our worship service and potluck.


I know yesterday’s sermon covered a lot of ground, but it was one I think is important for us to consider beyond just yesterday. I talked about some of the changes Charles Taylor says that we have seen as a society in his massive, but important book A Secular Age. While Taylor’s book is tough going, Andrew Root has used Taylor’s ideas to think about how these changes have affected the Church as a whole in the Western world and he makes some significant suggestions on how we can respond. Root has several books, but his first in a series of six is Faith Formation in a Secular Age. If you’re interested in thinking through these things, this might be a good a place to start. Also, if you are podcast person, Root’s podcast is entitled “When Church Stops Working”. Be warned if you are offended by language, though.


Well, I hope you are keeping warm. It’s time to get out those seed catalogs and dream of Spring.


Oh, and for all of those offended by my choice of headgear yesterday morning, let me say, “Go, Pack, Go!”


God bless,



Scripture readings for next Sunday


Luke 4:14-30—Why would the people of Nazareth had difficulty accepting Jesus’ teaching?

1 Kings 17:7-24—Why does Jesus mention this story in his response to the people? Romans 2:1-11—How would you express Paul’s main point here?

Jeremiah 44:1-14—What is the nature of God’s warning to his people in this chapter?




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