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Annual Meeting 2024

Yesterday was our Annual Meeting to look back at what was accomplished in 2023 and to discuss things related to where we are headed from here. I want to say I appreciate all who participated. When you step back and look that all was accomplished in terms of actions, giving towards missions, and service in the past year it is encouraging. Thanks again to all of you who lead and serve on the Ministry Teams. Thanks to the Church Board for their leadership. Thanks to everyone who participates in the life of our congregation and who supports the Kingdom work.


As I think about where we are headed as a congregation, I know one concern is the change we have experienced in Church attendance. I’m sure you know it is something I think about a lot and I’ve been trying to research and understand the reasons for this. As I have said over the past several years, what we are experiencing is a part of a larger trend in Western society. Certainly there are also local and even individual reasons for what we experience, but it is also consistent with well-established patterns in our nation. As I’m beginning to understand some of these societal changes, I have asked a couple of questions I want all of the members of our congregation to think about. First, why do you participate in the life of this congregation? Please don’t give a quick answer that first comes to your mind. I believe that thinking deeply about this question will be important for understanding why others may choose not to participate in Church life in the same way that we do.


The second question is what can be found by participating in the life of the Church that can’t be found anywhere else? Again, the answer to this might seem simple and obvious, but I think it’s an important question for us to ask. This might seem like a huge claim, but I believe that we live in a time of personal choices that is unlike any in history. Most of us are in a position where there are seemingly limitless choices available to us. It’s going to be important to focus on those things that uniquely belong to the Church.


I will be circling back to those questions, but I don’t want to do so quickly. I think these are questions that need to be mulled over and dwelt on for a while.


Thank you all for your continued belief in me. I love you all, and will try to serve you well in the year to come.

God bless, Brian

Scripture readings for next Sunday


Luke 9:51-62—Why do you think Luke tells us the way that Jesus sets out for Jerusalem?

2 Chronicles 17:1-16—How did Jehoshaphat demonstrate his devotion to the Lord?

Luke 10:38-42—What can distract us from the “one thing” that Jesus talks about here?

Psalm 37:1-9—What advice does the David give here that you might find helpful?



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