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April Fool?

I considered beginning with an April Fool joke, but the way things are these days I couldn’t come up with anything outlandish enough! We are approaching the end of our series on Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. I hope it’s been a blessing. As I’ve said before, it’s been much harder to preach than I would have guessed. Jesus ends his sermon by warning us not to be fools, though. He says that those who hear his teaching but does not do what it says is like a foolish person who builds their house on the sand. The wise person uses Jesus’ teaching as a solid foundation, so that when the storms do come we can withstand them.

I’m ready for April showers, but if water were to fall from the sky this week I’m afraid it’s going to be in solid form. The end of winter has to be in sight, right?

Do make sure to pay attention to the special services coming up that are connected to the Easter season. We will be having a Maundy Thursday service, which will be in the sanctuary this year. We will be celebrating communion on both Maundy Thursday and on Easter Sunday.

There continue to be many in need of our prayers. I would also to ask you to continue praying for the war in Ukraine. It is having a profound affect on the lives of many.

God bless, Brian

Scripture readings for next Sunday Matthew 7:24-29—Why do you think Jesus ends this sermon as he does?

Psalm 1—What two choices does Psalm 1 describe?

Matthew 21:28-32—How would you describe the point of Jesus’ teaching in this parable?

James 1:19-27—Are there areas of your life that James’ teaching applies to?


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