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Beginning Isaiah

We began our series in the book of Isaiah yesterday. As I mentioned in my sermon, the book of Isaiah has been called a kind of “fifth Gospel” because of the number of prophecies regarding Jesus. In his Introduction to Isaiah, the fourth-century theologian Jerome wrote, “should be called an evangelist rather than a prophet because he describes all the mysteries of Christ and the Church so clearly that you would think he is composing a history of what has a lready happened rather than prophesying about what is to come.” I think you’ll find this series not only interesting, but a series that will strengthen our faith and help us to grow closer to God.

This past Saturday I attended an alumni event at Lincoln Christian University. LCU is transitioning and making some drastic changes in programs, but it is not closing. I thought I’d take a moment to clarify this for those who have asked. Lincoln College is closing and they’ll be completely done by the end of May. This was quite an abrupt announcement. Lincoln Christian University will continue to offer a degree in ministry and the Seminary will continue, but they will be ending their residential campus. In other words, they are closing their dorms and they’ll be selling off a significant portion of their campus. It’s tough news for those who worked there and studied there, but there is hope that the mission of the institution to prepare preachers and other Christian workers can continue. As you’ve undoubtedly heard, the only constant is change.

The change I’m longing for is a change to some more seasonal weather. This cold and wind and rain is really getting old. I know the farmers have started their planting, so we will join in praying for their safety and also for good weather for the crops.

God bless, Brian

Scripture readings for next Sunday Isaiah 5:1-7—What do you think is the point of the “song of the vineyard”?

Mark 12:1-12—How does Jesus’ parable connect with Isaiah 5? How is it different?

Isaiah 5:8-20—How do the practices that God is condemning compare to today?

Psalm 94—What does this passage teach us about God’s response to evil?


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